Alien Mage

226,000 years ago, The Wandering Bite moved her people from island to island. An Austronesian tribal leader — believed to be the flesh of Papa, the creator goddess herself — wandered in search of those who needed guidance through Mana. The essence of the world, of magic and mystical souls, was her priority and the only thing greater than her own people. This would hold for decades of her wandering, building lines of lives, creating small civilizations that spread and erased themselves from the archives of the world.

These days, the only memeory of Ta Kai Mi that lingers is in the trees and animals she touched along the way. But that is all. Because in the middle of the world there came a risk, a danger, and the dancers told them that the winds had warned the times would change. Mana would be at risk if they stayed, because the people would twist and turn it like the waves that broke the shores. They worked what they could, when there were no prophets or stones to say otherwise, and searched for a way.

A place, where the Mana would thrive.

XV0I II became the place. A distant star, to them, that became a fruition of a whole new universe. A nameless one, because the energy and inhabitants had only known it by Universe, by Galaxy. By Land and Sky and Life. No need for more than that, Ta Kai Mi thought. No need for anything but shelter and safe keeping. The problem came in a species that lived in the various planets, the T'Dao. The T'Dao had started as bacteria, grown into plants to take over forests on various landscapes, and the adaptation had spread. They became creatures, and monsters, and hunted without prejudice.

Before Ta Kai Mi had learned to understand the flow of the mana, she thought she was doing right by destroying them. But the world they landed on began to crumble and she saw there, too, that humanity had been the problem. To fix it, to stop this, she did the only thing she knew how to do — left her children, her tribe, and the other civilizations behind to become one with the T'dao and bring balance to all things.

For millenia, this has been the way of things. Ta Kai Mi as the Royal of the T'dao now, merged into them so whole you cannot tell one from another. And her children doing battle with them, every century or so. Their numbers rise too greatly and the rest of the galaxy come together to do battle. Then, they have peace, her children forming a nearly absolute utopia in her honor, ridding themselves of as much pain as they can manage and spreading this wealth of knowledge to others as they can.

Sinta is reminded every day about the sincerity of her bloodline. A timberwolf, like Ta Kai Mi had been known as, she is a reflection of her in most records. Power, might, beauty and strength. But she has taken her sacrifice in new strides: allowing blood magic to return to learning, for protection and safety from it, and turning an antiquated system of education into a bountiful forest full of bright magical beings and entities who will go forth through galaxies, universe and dimensions alike to protect civilization, families and futures. To her, this is everything, though it has always been known that she adores her children all the same.

And she must, with her choice of turning them out as further mixes through strain after strain of generation and marriages. Ta Kai Mi's blood stays strong in each of them, though; no matter how powerful the crossing of a marriage, no matter how strong the mate, the children are always overwhelmingly Whakaora, dominant in magic and finesse of use of mana. She feared this, as everyone of her bloodline fears. They could be too powerful. They could be swayed, by their own blood. Semir insisted otherwise. Three times, now, he's convinced her that their children will be fine. A bit too large for their friends, sure, but fine. Three times now, he's been right, and Semir spends most years trying to work up to a fourth and more. They are immortal, after all, and but babes in this nature of magical life, so why should they stop any time soon?

Kilig was born a red panda — rare, even among his bloodline, only 2 having been born in all their history. Bears, and tigers, and giant beasts are more the strength of Ta Kai Mi's blood. Like the timberwolf, it is unique, and that made his birth something of an oddity. Sinta didn't know much what to do but — thankfully — the apprentice to her wet nurse did. Tanvi moved in and raised the boy who had been born deaf, dumb and blind. He could see by 4 and he could hear by 6, but speaking wasn't ready for another year after that. And Tanvi stayed through it all, guiding him with Sinta and Semir, helping him through meals and games with Tama and Harana. Tanvi taught him of meditation and poetry, of games and sport. Together with Sinta, she taught the boy the very nature of Mana itself, of energy and magic and respect. The Red Panda grew, and the magic of his healing, gentle way spread through him like the ability to walk, or breathe.

This, most people believe, is why Kilig excelled in education. Even when Sinta tried to make things harder on him, Kilig did well. He could sniff out every answer, study with the kind of accurate ease that people envied. It made him popular, a good person to bring around because everyone who took his notes and read the books he did knew exactly what spells to cast and answers to give in class. From young, it was a gift so much more than a burden, leaving enough time to have fun that Kilig never much cared about anything but it. Who needed to stress an exam when there were dancing trees to try to climb or wild boars to try and befriend?

The first spell Kilig created for himself was born from this want for fun: ⏁⏃⎍⏁⟟⏁⍜⏁⟟⏁⍜ was a spell born of a young boy's want for celebration and music of a higher order. Musical moments of song and dance, he turned the people around him into performance. Cleaning with animals helping him to do so, chores with the assistance of the wind and the trees as long as he whistled or sang, Kilig proved the power of his spirit at a young enough age to move his way trough education and assert himself as not just a great student with top marks but an excellent Whakaora as well. These gifts grew in time, as 13 generations of Kilig's family still existed across several universes.

Even his own sisters help, bringing him music, or food, or games from other planets, other dimensions, other galaxies. Kilig was not just able to see and taste and speak finally — he was allowed to experience it all. Concerts on red planets, waterslides down mountains that pierced the sky, and even swimming through waters with turtles large enough to eat cities. Life was, life always kept itself as, magical. All that he did was met with an ethusiasm for the heart and soul of it that couldn't be beaten. Final exams? Aced. First date? No sweat. First breakup? Sure thing. Kilig could manage it all — except, maybe, breeding, but everyone says one day he will find the urge in him. Sinta did, after all.

When he finished mandatory education — secondary institutions — people thought Kilig might sign up for medical fields. To help and heal, to travel that way. Instead, he took his entrance exams for the Si'Ilo and recieved invitations to the top 3; Kilig did what felt best and accepted an attendance to Bagyo Sini, the top magical institution in 67 dimensional nexus hubs, just because he wanted to meet the coolest people from Every universe. And he did, dating and befriending more people than he ever would have imagined in his days of learning to read sign language and feel his way through the world. Even in Bagyo, Kilig shone: Star Ceremonial Hunter at the Harvest Games, Big Man of Ula Foga and Duex Vale of the University with 87 unique spells created before graduation and a full 20 Ingoa Exams, Kilig was star pupil through and through.

That was why, when the war came, it made sense he had to be involved. It was the first time in the history of the battles that no Whakaora died — and Kilig, he kept busy the entire seven days of battle, running from land to land, planet to planet, healing every single person and restoring them enough so that other medics and nurses could spread the wealth of survival. It was then that he thought, well, adventures were better had in travels after all. They would always have to come back, anyway... Kilig had even seen his own great, great, great, great, great, great uncle fighting in the battle, so what point was there in staying in anxious wait? He applied for work and was denied it. His healing was too great, his understanding of balance. So, he had different work to do.

Getaway Friend Restort is a collection of small islands in Fiji that Kilig now runs and operates for otherworld visitors who are residing on Earth now. It houses upwards of 40,000 in various huts, rooms that expand into full homes, and short islands. Kilig was chosen to run this restort not only to earn Earth funds for other Whakaora in spades but because the source of Ta Kai Mi's magic is still on Earth. It's been rumored, quite often, that a visage of her still lives amongst the people as well, and it is on Kilig to remain in Fiji to make sure the magic that now fuels the T'dao not only stays in check but is never overwhelmed or destroyed, as the loss of it would ruin two galaxies from within.

Mākutu Ese
The most powerful vessel of magic, influence of the universe itself. This is only done through use of spells, incantations, potions and brews.


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A hybrid of both Whakoara and Nusal — mage and giant — from another galaxy, qualifying as an alien to our world. Kilig has many gifts thanks to this that are as innate as breathing and cannot be removed from him except by the ultimate death.


Private on the Yasawa Island Resort he operates.
Xor Iinek, a massive floating rubble terraformed into planetary flatplanes.
The Fountain.
Tribal Marks?
In the right light, yes.
Mirrored of our own with different names, two extra days a year and their own holidays.